Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Strange Appetite

Honestly, I feed Violet enough food but you may think otherwise after reading this post. I had to run upstairs for something earlier today and left the stairs open for Violet to follow me. While I was busy working on something in our room, I heard Violet climbing the stairs (she's gotten good enough at taking them that we don't feel the need to hover over her). Violet didn't come into the room when I thought she would and so I went to find her. Violet had already headed back down the stairs.

That's not the disturbing part. Okay, prepare yourselves... when I caught up with Violet in the stairwell, I heard a crunching sound coming from her mouth. I asked Violet to open up her mouth and say, "ah", which she happily complied. I nearly fell over with what I found. Violet had decided to have a little snack while she stood in our hallway. A snack of cat food!!!

Seriously, I promise you that I feed Violet on a regular basis and she never wants for food. It's just the cat's food that she's been wanting and that's one food item we wouldn't willingly give her! So, when her mommy wasn't watching, Violet decided to help herself to Pepper's food bowl. Ick!!! I can't get my child to eat her veggies but she'll eat cat food... she definitely has a strange appetite.

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