Saturday, June 16, 2007


Violet is growing up so fast that it seems like a whirlwind around here. I was looking at pictures of her when she was younger and it saddens me that the time has flown by so quickly. I miss how she used to fit perfectly in the crook of my arm. I miss how light she felt in my arms when I held her and cradle her. I miss how tiny she was and how it felt the first time I held her, her form just barely five pounds. I miss the tiny car seat that we carried her in for the first year of her life. I miss the feelings of being a first-time mother and all of the happy, unexpected things that came with it. Her first tooth, her first words, crawling for the first time, and her first steps... all moments that came and went too quickly.

Now, Violet is almost three years old and is growing bigger and bigger with each day. It's hard to imagine what will change as another year comes and goes in Violet's life. Still, I wouldn't change a thing that makes Violet who she is today. With all of the changes comes new adventures and skills. We no longer have to guess what's wrong whenever Violet cries, she is able to tell us what's wrong and what she wants. When we love on Violet it's no longer a one-sided thing, she reciprocates our affections. Often times, Violet initiates affection from us, something that we're all too happy to return. We no longer have to do all the lifting when Violet wants in our laps, now she's able to just climb on up. Violet is able to talk to us and tell us things, generally surprising us with some new tidbit of information that she's learned recently.

If I focused on the way things once were, I would miss so many wonderful opportunities today. It's okay to miss how things were when Violet was a tiny baby. I think every mother goes through moments of missing the firsts with their child and wish they could have them back again. It's when we focus solely on those that we miss what's right before our eyes. I'm trying not to be found guilty of that. I try to make the most of each moment with Violet. I don't want to miss anything because before I know it, she'll be a grown woman starting a family of her own.

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