Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

This past Sunday was Father's Day. In light of the recent holiday, I need to brag on my wonderful husband a little. Gregg is a great father to our precious little girl. I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father to our child.

When Violet was born, Gregg took to fatherhood like a pro. Attentive to both our needs. Rarely leaving our sides while Violet was in the NICU and I was passed out on the heavy medications that the doctor ordered for me, Gregg managed to be in two places at once... of course, my memory could be altered somewhat by the drugs that I just mentioned. But at the time, I thought he had superhero powers being able to run faster than the speed of lightening, etc.

The past two and a half years have been a whirlwind for our little family. The time has flown by so quickly. It's hard to imagine that Violet will be three in a few short months. Gregg has been amazing to both Violet and me through the past few years, especially when we've gone through some tough times. Violet's second Christmas comes to mind when I think of some of the things we've been through. Gregg got sick two weeks before Christmas with a terrible case of the flu. Before we knew it, Violet had gotten it. I thought I had made it without getting sick when I woke up one day feeling like I'd been hit with a semi-truck. I couldn't breathe or walk across the room without getting winded. Violet was still sick, congested, coughing, and feeling lousy. We were a pitiful group.

Gregg started to feel somewhat better and ended up taking care of Violet and I throughout the Christmas holiday. Two days before Christmas we found out that I had pneumonia. I was absolutely worthless no matter how hard I tried to move. I remember Gregg going out on Christmas day and getting us a turkey breast and fixings for a nice meal (we were supposed to be in Michigan then but had to cancel our trip for obvious reasons). As Gregg worked on the turkey and other items I sat in a big comfy chair and begged for something to do. Gregg finally complied and let me snap green beans and peel potatoes as long as I sat in the chair and didn't move. That was my sole contribution that day. I will always remember that meal as the best one ever! Seriously. We were all so sick and yet Gregg prepared the most amazing meal for his family. A meal so enjoyable that we gladly scarfed down every morsel.

This is the type of man that I am married to and the type of father Violet has. Gregg willingly puts his family first. He's an amazing provider, meeting not only our physical needs but emotional and spiritual as well. Gregg is always there for his girls and does all that he can for us. Violet and I have a wonderful godly man leading our family and we couldn't be more grateful. Violet would be a lucky woman someday if she married a man like her father.

Happy Father's Day baby!

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