Saturday, June 23, 2007

So Many Changes...

Violet has been going through so many changes lately that it's hard to absorb it all. Her vocabulary skills are expanding to new heights... saying things that she hasn't put together until recently. Today, for instance, Violet was holding her teddy bear and says, "Roar! Kinda like a dinosaur!" This floored me! "Kinda like a dinosaur?" Where on earth did she get that? I don't know, but my kid is a genius!!!

The same genius kid asked to color a page later today. As I pulled out her crayons, and was looking for her coloring book, I turned to see Violet rubbing a crayon on her lips. Wondering what she was doing, I asked Violet, and her reply was, "I'm puttin' on lipstick, Mommy." Then, she looks at me as if I'm an idiot and I could swear that I heard "duh" come from her lips.... of course, she's too young to say "duh", I probably just imagined that. Still, she's already getting the attitude that goes along with being a genius. We couldn't be more proud.

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