Thursday, July 19, 2007

Building Excitement

Violet and I will be going to her grandparents house (my parents) this weekend. While the time whittles away I am frantically doing things around the house, trying to get everything done. Traveling with a toddler, all by yourself, is not the easiest thing to do. Thankfully, Violet is a seasoned flyer and should do well on this flight.

Violet's excitement grows with each passing day regarding this trip. I've lost count how many times she's asked, "Going to go see Mimi and Grandpa?" My parents bought Violet a new swimming pool to splash about in and I foresee her spending alot of time in it. They also got a small slide from some friends who's children no longer use it. They've set both things up and have them ready for their granddaughter.

It's hard to say who is more excited over this trip. Violet or her grandparents? All I'm certain of is that there will be alot of fun to be had by everyone. Gregg will be missing out on all the fun as he still has he job to do. So, I guess not everyone will be having fun. I know that he won't be far from our thoughts though.

Once Violet and I return home there will be a few short weeks and she'll see her other set of Grandparents. Violet will turn three next month and Gregg's parents will try to come down for that. Along with Papa and Mimi W. will come the two youngest children of the family, Robin and Brandon. If there's anyone that Violet loves as much as her grandparents it is Robin and Brandon! Violet is no where near close to their age but they are so good with her and she loves being around them. We are looking forward to their visit and Violet is already asking when they'll be here.

We are so thankful that we've got two sets of Grandparents who love and adore Violet as much as they do. Distance is our enemy in keeping us apart but we do what we can to minimize that. Our cell phones get alot of use and we make sure that Violet gets to talk to her family whenever she wants, whenever possible. That helps. Still, nothing is as good as the real thing... being with your family.

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