Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Visit with Mimi and Grandpa

Violet and I have returned home from our visit with her Mimi and Grandpa, my parents. We had a tremendous time and it was wonderful to see Violet playing with her grandparents. My parents planned some activities for Violet while we were there. We went back to the Wonder Place, a place that they took us the last time we visited. Violet loved it, again, and spent most of her time in the water section. Although she did manage to play in the other sections as well ~ the tree house, the deli and food market, the train area, and with the giant doll house.
We also went to the zoo one day. It was a hot day although it wasn't as hot as it gets here in Houston. Still, we managed to cover most of the zoo before we had to leave. Violet enjoyed seeing the elephants, her favorite wild animal, but also enjoyed the animals that her Mommy and Mimi liked... the giraffes and the tigers. I got a good picture of one of the tigers taking a dip in the water.

Those were the major outings that we had. Other than that, Violet spent alot of time in a little pool that my parents set up for her in their backyard. It's hard to determine where she had the most fun but I'd bet it was in the pool.
A picture of Violet in the pool with a favorite ball of hers...

A picture that I took the day we arrived at my parents. I think it's kinda cute!

Another cute photo...

We had a wonderful time and I know my parents did as well. We're now preparing for Gregg's parents to come down next week for Violet's birthday. It's hard to believe that she turns three next Friday. I never knew time could pass so quickly.

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