Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Aunt Dee and Uncle Deron

Our little family of three went on a quick trip this weekend. Gregg's sister, Deanna, and her husband were in our great state of Texas for a family thrown baby shower. Their little pink bundle of joy is due sometime around Thanksgiving. We can't wait to see our new niece and hold her in our arms when we go up north for Christmas this year.

It was wonderful getting to see Deanna and Deron. It's been over a year since we last saw them. Violet has always enjoyed Deanna and Deron's company as they always manage to get tons of giggles out of our little girl. This hasn't changed as Violet giggled the weekend away. Her giggle is the most wonderful sound.

There was a pool party after the baby shower. Violet had the most amazing time in the pool! She was a little timid at first, not wanting to let go of her Daddy. Eventually, though, she realized that the tube around her chest would hold her up (floatation device) and became much more confident in the water. It wasn't long before she was telling Gregg, "No Daddy, I do it!" and was kicking off in the water, splashing and squealing as she did so. It's always fun watching your child splash around in water, especially enjoying a pool. (The greatest benefit of a pool is how worn out your child gets afterward!)

Violet made a new friend at the baby shower. Deron's niece, Sydney, was there and the two girls played with one another until they wore themselves out! The playing resumed the following day when we all got together for a late lunch. The balloons from the baby shower held their attention for most of the morning as the girls pulled them along where ever they went. We would know that they were coming before we were actually able to see them as the balloons gave them away.

After lunch, when it was time to come home, Violet got terribly upset. As soon as Violet realized that we were saying goodbye to Deanna and Deron she began to protest, loudly, that she didn't want to say goodbye. I'm not sure who cried the most or the hardest, Violet or Deanna, but tears fell freely. It was heartbreaking to hear Violet cry for her Aunt Deanna and realize that we were responsible for it. We had to go home.

I have said this before but it's true, it's hard living so far away from our families. It was difficult when it was just Gregg and me but now it seems even harder. Violet is the one who misses out the most. She doesn't get to see her grandparents, or aunts and uncles and cousins, hardly enough. This is no one's fault, it's just the way that it is. But I have to say that the miles that separate us SUCK!!! Hopefully, someday we'll be able to shorten the distance between our families and bring everyone closer together.

Violet stayed awake for most of our journey home. Portable DVD players are amazing as they entertain your child and help the parents not want to scream during the whole trip. Winnie the Pooh, Elmo in Grouchland, and The Wiggles were very helpful in making the trip as relaxing as possible. Violet is not a "car-sleeper", she's particularly stubborn when it comes to staying awake in the car whereas most children will fall asleep as soon as the car moves.

Finally, about thirty minutes from the house, Violet fell asleep. Gregg and I worried that she'd wake up right away when we tried to peel her out of her carseat but she didn't even stir. Our next worry was that she'd wake up in an hour or so and want to stay awake the rest of the night. To our great surprise, Violet didn't stir all night long. She slept from 6:30 pm until 10:00 am the next morning!!! What's even more incredible is that she slept through me changing her into her nighttime pull-ups and sleep shirt! Between her Aunt Deanna and Uncle Deron, the pool and Sydney, Violet was worn out! Blissful rest was to be had once we returned home, something that both Gregg and I needed.

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