Thursday, September 6, 2007


Gregg started his new part-time job last night leading youth worship at our new church home. Violet and I were alone, together, all day and all night yesterday. I had been dreading this because Violet can get rather rambunctious at night and is a handful for two people, let alone one. To my surprise, Violet was a very sweet girl the whole day. It wasn't until the last hour that she started to act up.

Gregg staggered in from his day around 10:30 last night. Exhaustion from such a full day was evident upon his face. Still, he was in good spirits. He really enjoys leading worship and is very good at it. I'm glad he has this opportunity.

I worried that I wouldn't get Violet to sleep before Gregg got home and I had good reason to worry. She was wide awake when Gregg walked through the door. She had been asking for her Daddy and was determined to stay awake until he arrived. Love makes us do crazy things, right? When Gregg got home Violet's face lit up like sunshine. It's very heartwarming to see this kind of love between a daughter and her Daddy.

I remember as a child how I was so excited to see my own father come home from work. The sense of security that a little girl feels around her Daddy is the most amazing thing in the world. I knew that as long as my Daddy was near I'd be alright. Fear never settled in my heart when he was around. I think this is how it is with Violet. It's incredible really. This is much like our relationship with our Heavenly Father. There's no place that's as secure as being in His presence.

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