Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Greatest Show Ever!

We are big fans of PBS (public broadcasting station) in our home. Their children's shows are fabulous and Violet has basically grown up watching them. PBS is the proud home of Sesame Street, Barney, Curious George and now our new favorite Word World. World World is a cartoon show where "all the words come alive"(you can get to their site from here Each animal, building, and item is formed from the letters that make its name. There's a cute little dog that is shaped with the letters d-o-g, a bear shaped from its letters, and so on. Whoever came up with the idea of this show deserves a medal! Violet loves the show and we, her parents, enjoy it too because she's already learning how to spell certain words at the ripe old age of 3!!!


Jenni said...

Sounds better than Calliou! :)

kimberly said...

Much, much better than Calliou! ;~)