Monday, September 24, 2007

Mrs. Anne

Gregg and I recently went apartment shopping and had the pleasure of doing so without Violet. One of Gregg's co-workers, Anne, gladly volunteered to watch Violet so we could have more time looking. We were unsure how Violet would handle being left with Anne (since they've never met) but after our last experience looking at apartments with Violet we decided it was worth a shot. Let me just say that Violet LOVED Mrs. Anne!!! There were no second glances or tears as Gregg and I left Violet with this un-known woman.

The excitement was too much for Violet as she played with a little white poodle and was informed that there were MORE PETS TO BE SEEN!!! Oh my gosh, MORE pets?!! Are you serious woman? Let's go then! Lets go see this amazing place where there are more doggies and kitties. Violet was out the door, heading down the street with Mrs. Anne, without a second thought of her parents.

When we returned to pick up Violet she had her hair pulled up with all kinds of hair clips and had been arranging Mrs. Anne's pencils and pens. Violet also helped Mrs. Anne's son clean off his dresser, whether he wanted it cleaned off or not. Violet had such a good time with Mrs. Anne that when she found out we were actually going to take her back home she threw the biggest fit. The injustice of it all. How dare we consider depriving her of Mrs. Anne's presence? The tears that flowed from Violet was enough to let us know just who she'd rather be with. Ah, the pleasures of parenthood.

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