Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doing My Part

While browsing the web earlier today I came across a wonderful little site that actually caters to the Amish. Yes, you read that right, the Amish. Although I think that the Amish people actually use a paper catalog rather than the online one. Still, their Mennonite cousins may use the website since they are allowed to use electricity. Anyway, as I mentioned, I found this site called Lehman's, you can find it here

While looking at the site I came across some reusable grocery cart bags If we all used bags such as these then we'd reduce the use of paper and plastic considerably. Less use equals less waste which is a good thing (sorry, I'm getting all Martha Stewart on you). A feature that I particularly like is that you can place the bags right into your grocery cart (they have clips that slip onto the sides of the cart and keep the bags open) and add all your items in them. When you're ready to check out you lift the bags out, dump them on the counter and refill them.

When we finally decided to move to the other side of Houston I realized that we'd most likely rent an apartment for a while. When that thought struck me I began to think of all the things we'll miss once we move and one thing was the convience of always having a parking place that was just outside our door. I don't know about you and your experiences with store brand grocery bags, plastic or paper, but inevitably I always have a bag that splits on me. Now, with my experience with regular bags I got to thinking how to avoid such mishaps when we move. We're not guaranteed to have parking close by and we'll have a flight of stairs to trek before we get to our new apartment. I can just picture a bag splitting open and having all its contents fall out just as we get to the top of the stairs... not a pretty mental picture for me.

I showed my darling husband these bags and mentioned how useful they'd be once we move and he encouraged me to order them. Let me just add here that I researched bags similar to these and found them to be the most cost friendly. You get two bags for the price that most others charge for just one bag! Even with the shipping costs you get out much cheaper. Not to mention that these bags carry more weight than most other bags, a whopping 40 pounds per bag! And so, here's a way we can all contribute to shopping in a more eco-friendly manner and reduce waste.

Okay, so maybe I am starting to get a little "granola" on ya'.

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