Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Free Entertainment

We are in the process of having our townhome's foundation fixed. Over the years it has settled and our home is basically sinking. (How nice it'll be once we are finally moved.) So, we wake to the sound of jackhammers, saws and all sorts of noise going on outside. The noise is constant with the exception of the hour where the men take a lunch break and the hours when they take off for the evening.

Meanwhile, Violet has found the men's work to be quite entertaining. She has made a watching post out of our big comfy club chair that is placed right in front of the window. Every so often I hear Violet say "Hi!" and look just in time to see a man wave back at her. It's amazing how children find certain things to be entertaining when we consider them a nuisance. I relish the quiet of the evenings and Violet loves the noise and activity during the day.

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