Saturday, October 27, 2007

It Went Better Than I Thought It Would

Violet had her FIRST haircut today. It went better than I thought it would, much to my relief. Gregg and I have been going to the same stylist, Cammie, for nearly ten years now. She is a wonderful woman of faith and she does a great job on our hair. It was only natural for us to want Violet's first haircut to be done by Cammie.

I scheduled two appointments back to back with Cammie this morning. One for Violet and the other for me. The three of us arrived at Cammie's salon with camera and video camera in hand. Seriously, can you picture it? Two parents taking photos and video tapping their child's haircut. One of the other hairdressers asked if this was Violet's first haircut and I asked her, "What gave it away?!" You would think that getting a child's hair cut every time would warrant pictures and video! (wink, wink)

Violet didn't want to get in the chair at first and so Mommy took the first turn. We figured that it would be easier if Violet watched the whole process before she actually got into the chair. Cammie talked with Violet during my whole hair cut, getting Violet warmed up towards her. Once I got out of the chair Cammie turned to Violet and talked sweetly to her (much like she talks with everyone really). Cammie led Violet towards the chair and Violet happily obliged. Violet didn't want to wear the cape, that was too much for her to process, so Cammie carefully cut her hair and caught each snip. Gregg and I took pictures and video during Violet's haircut, saving this moment for ALL TIME! We took a picture of Violet with Miss. Cammie after the haircut (more pictures for the memory book).

Cammie didn't really cut much off Violet's hair. It was more of a trim than anything because we want Violet to have long hair that's all one length. We're not ready for bangs yet. Cammie was great in that she caught Violet's hair as she cut it and put it on a tissue for me. I've got to put the clippings together and separate them, one for the baby book and the other for Violet's "First Curl Box" (a baby gift from my best friend Karen... thanks for the box!).

Over all, the whole process went very smoothly. Gregg and I couldn't be more proud of Violet today. She was exhausted this morning and we worried that she wouldn't do well with the haircut, she pleasantly surprised us. And to top it all off, Violet didn't lose her curls!!! She still has the little ringlets that curl up under the top layer of her hair. I am so happy! And Violet's hair looks even more precious than it did before.

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