Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am sitting here at the computer right now during a rest break. My time has been consumed with packing and clearing out the house of miscellaneous junk. I am amazed at all the crap we've accumulated over the course of seven years (how long we've been in our current residence). Seriously, I'll never (hopefully never) allow things to get so out of hand again.

Exhaustion has begun to settle in on my weary body and mind. Packing and moving is such hard work. We've been very fortunate in that we have had friends help out by taking care of Violet off and on these past two weeks. The packing is slow going but at least I'm not having to split my attention between the packing and Violet. It has been nearly impossible to get anything done when she's home.

Violet has been a real trooper throughout all of this. Each day there is someone new that's volunteered to watch her (a set of friends that are taking turns). Violet has been skipping her naps while she's with whoever she's with for the day... too many things to explore and do, I guess. Violet's appetite seems to have gone the way the naps have, none existent. It's good if she snacks some during the day so at least we know she's not starving!

Now I've got to go and get packing again!

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