Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lessons In Sharing

Violet was given a dvd of Elmo In Grouchland a few months ago by a neighbor of ours. Like every other toddler in the universe Violet loves, loves, loves Elmo! I wasn't a fan of the movie when I first watched it because the the word "mine" is used frequently in it, but the show ends on a good note and therefore decided to allow Violet to watch it again. The moral of the movie is to work together and to share, even though it takes a while for you to recognize that.

Violet wanted her morning fix of Elmo just as I was wanting my morning fix of coffee. I slipped in the dvd and then went to grind my coffee beans and put them in the pot to be brewed. Ahh, nothing smells better in the early morning than coffee brewing. I walked around in a fog until the coffee was ready and wasn't really paying that much attention to Violet. I was brought to the real world when I heard Violet shouting at the TV, "You share Elmo! Zoe wants to see the blankie."

This may not seem much to some but it meant alot to me. Violet is an only child (at least for right now) and sharing is not a concept most children learn at such a young age, but Violet seems to do well with it (for the most part). Violet is also very aware of other's feelings and gets upset when another child (or adult, even a cartoon character) is in distress of any sort. That's why Violet got so upset this morning when Elmo wouldn't share his blankie with Zoe. Don't even get me started on how much she dislikes the movie's evil character, Huxley (excellently played by Mandy Patakin). Still, Huxley ends up teaching Elmo the importance of sharing and so I guess he's necessary to the show.

Hopefully the moral of the movie will stick with Violet the next time she has a play date (which is later today). As I mentioned earlier, Violet is pretty good with sharing but she has her moments where she doesn't want to.

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