Friday, October 26, 2007

Open Up!

We had a long day today. I had a good friend come over, with her two girls, and watch Violet while I worked my tail off upstairs packing. The day was filled with activities and playing for Violet and her friends, so no nap was taken. By the day's end we had a very tired and whiny child.

As we ate our dinner, Violet went up to Gregg, pointed to her cup and whined. Gregg told Violet that we don't respond to whining and that, if she wanted her cup, she needed to open her mouth and ask for it. Seems like the appropriate response to me. I couldn't help but laugh as Violet stood there and opened her mouth as wide as she possible could!

Violet's Daddy DID say to open her mouth! I just don't think he meant for it to be so wide that you could see her tonsils.

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