Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blessings In The Midst of Pain

I have not been feeling well the past few days. Yesterday was a terrible day for me as I had a migraine that knocked me off my feet. Seriously, words cannot describe the depth of pain that I felt due to that hellish nightmare of a migraine. I'm still suffering side effects of it, mostly dizziness and the room spinning at an incredible rate. I'm praying that the spinning will stop soon, preferably overnight.

Gregg was able to come home early yesterday and finish his work from home. He managed to work, take care of Violet and me all at the same time yesterday. Talk about multi-tasking! In all seriousness, I am a blessed wife to be married to such a wonderful man. Violet and I are blessed beyond measure with the man that leads our house and I cannot thank God enough for Gregg.

At some point during the day yesterday the three of us were lying in bed together. The room was dark so it must have been evening time. Gregg and Violet checked in on me and sat on the bed with me for a little while. Emotions overwhelmed me with the love that I felt at that moment. Gregg leaned over and gave me the gentlest kiss possible with his heart in his eyes, no, I'm not joking! Then Violet cupped my face in her hands and said, "I love you sweetie" in the softest voice she could muster. In that moment, with all the pain of having your head split open without anything for pain relief, I realized I am an incredibly lucky woman. So, the moral of the lesson, there are blessings to be found in nearly every situation if only you take a moment to look for them.

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