Monday, November 26, 2007

Early Math Concepts

Violet and I were eating a late afternoon snack of cheese with crackers the other day. My smarter-than-ever child ran out of cheese and politely asked for more. As I opened the package of cheese I watched Violet reach into the cracker wrapper and carefully pull out two more crackers. She had one cracker on her plate and needed two more for the cheese that she was about to receive. I was amazed. Violet knew that the cheese was pre-sliced into threes and that she actually needed two more crackers to have everything be even!

Maybe this isn't much to be made of but for me it just goes to show how smart our child really is. Violet isn't in pre-school or any special program like that. She stays at home with me, her Mommy. I work with her periodically on things but have yet to work on early math concepts. She definitely gets her smarts from her Daddy!

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