Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We're Here!!!

We have finally moved! Everything went fairly well and Violet has been adjusting to the fact that she has her OWN room!!! Violet refuses to spend any real amount of time in her new bedroom but each day she stays in there a little bit longer. Hopefully, by the time we've been here a full year she'll be willing to spend a full hour alone in her room. I'm kidding. Maybe in six months? No, seriously, I'm joking. It won't be long before she'll be hiding out in her room and we'll have to bribe her with food just to get her out.

Life has changed a lot though since we've moved. We have more space which is wonderful. But unlike our previous residence, we can hear our neighbors here. We hear our neighbor above us as he (or she, we don't know which yet) walks around and does things. Violet calls them "walking" since she doesn't have a name or a face to associate to the sound. I've already had to talk to our neighbors below us because they were less than appreciative to Violet's running through our apartment. Come to find out, they thought there were three big, burly men that moved in since they saw Gregg and his friends moving our things in. Our neighbor was disappointed that he couldn't remain angry at a three year old for running around in her new home. Still, we're continuing to make nice with our new neighbors that live below us and there have been no more banging on the walls in protest.

I've been working on getting rid of boxes and all the miscellaneous crap that's made it into our new apartment. I'm amazed at all of the boxes that were lined up against the walls. Still, there's a lot of work that remains to be done. Amazingly enough, we're almost done with everything. Sure, our closets have stuff crammed into them but that's nothing and will be dealt with very soon. The only room that really needs working on is mine and Gregg's and I hope to have that taken care of by the weekend.

Violet has been asking for her playmates. She's not seen them in two weeks and she misses them. I miss my friends too. I cannot express how grateful I am to our friends who helped us with this move. Violet had play dates scheduled for nearly every weekday during the two weeks that led up to our move so that I could work on the house and pack. Then, on the weekend of our move we had several friends help us move everything from there to here. A major joint effort was involved in our move and we could not have done it without the help of our friends.

Thank You...
Nathan & Erin

We have been blessed with the generosity of your time and physical efforts in our move. You all rock!

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