Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween ya'll. Today has been a grueling day in our home. Packing is going at an achingly slow pace and Violet is getting tired of being shuttled from place to place. There's peace in knowing that this will all be over in two days even though it's stressful realizing we only have two days left to pack!

Gregg and I had the crazy thought to take Violet out Trick Or Treating. I don't know what we were thinking. Violet has been a very tired little girl the past few days (lack of naps is starting to catch up with her). As I tried to dress Violet in her Cheerleader costume she cried and complained. I explained to Violet all the fun she was going to have when we went out, showing others her costume and getting FREE candy!!! (This is Violet's first real Halloween experience as she was too young to remember her first time out and has been sick during the other years.) Violet finally came around to everything when we visited our neighbor's house. They gushed over her and told her how cute she looked, that got the ball rolling.

I have to say, Violet was pretty adorable in her costume. We tried to get pictures and hopefully we managed to take some decent ones. If not, there's always tomorrow. By the night's end Violet had managed to accumulate a full pumpkin's worth of candy. I've gone through her loot and separated things and tossed a few questionable items. Maybe it's a measure of cuteness, or age, but I don't remember getting that amount of candy during my childhood!

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