Sunday, December 16, 2007

Escape Artist

I was on the phone with my Mom recently and thought that Violet was in her room, playing nicely with her toys. While Mom and I were talking I heard the front door locks being played with by Violet but didn't think much of it... she couldn't reach the top lock the day before and shouldn't be able to that day. Jeez, was I was wrong! I heard the front door open and close in a matter of seconds. Violet was out the door and about to descend the stairs by the time I caught up to her!!!

It took a long time for me to recover from Violet's little escape. My heart still jumps into my throat whenever I think of it. My over-imaginative mind went to areas that no parent enjoys when thinking of their children. I had thoughts of Violet being hurt or taken race through my mind and the fear that struck me was paralyzing. Thankfully the fear didn't keep me from catching my child just a few feet from the front door! And believe me, she and I had a very, very serious talk after that.

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