Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Love My Husband!

Last night our little family braved one of the bigger malls in our area. Our first stop was to the food court for dinner. While we ate Violet patiently waited, and watched, while the carousel worked it's wonder just a few feet away. In the middle of our meal, Gregg got up and took Violet for a ride on it in hopes that she'd eat her meal afterwards. Violet had already picked out the zebra up on the top level to ride. Immediately Gregg and Violet went to the zebra and she got on easily enough. When the carousel started moving and the zebra started moving up and down, Violet decided she didn't like the zebra after all... it went up too high according to her. So, the rest of the ride was spent safely in her Daddy's arms.

Gregg took Violet back on the carousel after we finished our meal. This time Violet set her sights to something more tame, a horse carriage. She and Gregg sat down in the carriage and gladly rode the carousel. This ride was more to Violet's satisfaction and even Gregg seemed to enjoy the moment.

We had a wonderful time last night. We saw reindeer walking the mall, a whole group of them! Then, we saw Santa from a distance and he gave Violet a little wave. (The most amazing Santa I've ever seen, too!) We did some last minute shopping and stopped for a late night coffee, decaf of course. Even with the crowds, which weren't as bad as I thought they would be, we had a good time of family togetherness.

It's little things like this that remind me of why I fell in love with my wonderful husband. He is such a good father and an amazing husband. Gregg is patient with his "girls" and he shows us his love through his patience and actions. Not that we need that to know he loves us. Still, it's always nice to have.

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