Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Let It Snow

Our day started at 5 am this morning. We woke up early and were checking our flight status in hopes that we'd have an extra day with family because our flights were cancelled. Our theme song became "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" Unfortunately, although it did snow, it didn't snow enough to cancel our flights. So, after a long day we've arrived home, exhausted.

The ride to the airport was rough due to snow covering the roads. Once we arrived at the airport, said our good-byes to MiMi and Pops and got on the plane, we sat on that same plane for nearly three hours. Violet was amazingly wonderful. She worked her wonders with some stickers and paper and then watched her Care Bears dvd. Violet eventually fell asleep for a little cat nap as the plane finally took flight.

Our second flight went off without a hitch but Violet's patience was worn out by that time. No wonder with sitting on a plane for over three hours (that's with the actual flight time added in). Violet started off easily enough but about mid-way through our flight she had a minor melt down. Exhaustion had set in. We were lucky though because exhaustion won over Violet's tired emotions and sleep settled in before she knew what hit her. She slept for the remainder of the flight, even sleeping through the landing.

We had an amazing visit with our family. Our week was blissful with rest and great fellowship. Violet went out in the snow nearly every day and gained more courage with each trip out in the fluff. Our last day in Michigan was spent sledding at a popular spot in town, so popular that there was a line of people waiting their turn to go down the hill. Violet hitched a ride with her Daddy for the most part and then with her Pops afterwards. The huge smile on Violet's face showed just how much she loved sledding. Her Pops took a ton of pictures and I hope to have them on here soon.

Violet's highlight of the trip, other than spending time with everyone and the sledding, was being knocked head-first into her grandparent's Christmas tree! Josiah, the larger-than-a-small-horse-dog, ran her down while trying to be first to a room. Violet took flight and landed head first in the tree and thankfully it remained upright and Violet came out unscathed. It was a frightening scene to watch but soon became a source of laughter once everyone's nerves settled down. It wasn't long after that Violet became more aware of where Josiah was and kept a look out for him running her down. There were a few accidents but she got up with each one, brushing off her knees and going back to playing as if nothing ever happened. She loves JoJo (aka Josiah).

We're settling in for the night now and it feels strangely like Michigan's weather, cold. Houston actually has a freeze warning tonight! Of course, there's no snow and no place to go sledding but we'll take the cold. The cold reminds us of where we just left, family and good times.

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