Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We have started a new bedtime routine with Violet and let me just say now, it has been H-A-R-D!!! Some nights are easier than others but the nights aren't what are particularly rough, it's the mornings that are hard. Earlier mornings have been the result of the new bedtime routine, and by early I mean E-A-R-L-Y!!! Try 5:00 am early! Trust me, it's no fun but I'm hoping that later morning hours will come soon. At least a few more hours of sleep. I'm not asking for a 10:00 am wake up call, although that would be nice.

I'm off to bed now. It's WAY past my bedtime and I need the sleep.


jenni said...

Yikes - that IS early.

Kimberly said...

yup.. that's a sleep induced "yep".