Thursday, February 28, 2008


We have some amazing friends and we're constantly amazed by their generosity and prayers. Our friends, Johnny and Jenni, provided an incredible meal for our family last week after my surgery. Today, our friends from Ohio, Phil and Missy, ordered us a pizza and salad from a local pizza place. The pizza was wonderful and now we have a pizza place that we know is good around here.

It's times like these when you find out who your friends are. We have been blessed beyond measure by friends who have been lifting us up in prayer. That has been the greatest gift we've received throughout all of this. The meals have been an added blessing for us. Gregg has been the only truly functioning adult in our house for a while now and anything that eliminates some work for him is a double blessing. He gets some much needed rest and we're able to relax a little more due to the extra time.

Today's meal was just what we needed. Gregg came home from work yesterday with a low grade fever and all that accompanies it... chills, aches, exhaustion, just to name a few. On top of it all, Violet had a terrible cough last night. She barely slept which meant that no one in the house really slept. I tried to help take care of Violet but wasn't able to do what I wanted. Pain made my movements slow and restricted and Violet just wanted her Daddy. I basically got in the way, unfortunately. So today we feasted on pizza and salad througout the day, eating it for a late lunch and again for dinner.

I talked Gregg into staying home today so that he could catch up on some much needed rest. He called in to work and explained how he was feeling and immediately felt bad at not being able to go in. This man rarely gets sick and it's hard for him to relax when he is. Worry seeps in when he's still and makes it hard for Gregg to surrender to rest. While my beloved has been working tirelessly to take care of his family he has neglected to take care of himself. Today's rest was exactly what he needed. I'm trying to convince Gregg to stay home tomorrow, Friday, so he can get more rest and be refreshed by Monday. I don't want him to go back to work too quickly and set himself back another step. It's not much but it's all I can do right now to help my husband.

As for Violet, she's been hanging in there throughout all of this. The past two days she has been in wonderful spirits. Her laughter filled the voids of the house this morning and again when she came home. I played a short game of hide and seek with Violet this morning before she left for her day at daycare and she came home wanting to play with her Mommy again. This evening I wasn't able to play a game of hide and seek and so we pulled out an activity book and began searching for the items in it. It was a wonderful time of fun and most importantly, it was time spent together. It was incredible having Violet's attention today for the short time we had and I am still inhaling the scent of happiness that it left in its wake.

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