Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cherished Moments

We began dealing with the stomach bug again that hit Violet earlier this month. Violet came home last Friday after a day at school (daycare) not feeling well. We weren't sure if she was just tired or if it was something else. Our fears were confirmed that it was indeed the stomach bug again when she got sick later that evening. All night and most of the day Saturday was spent near a trash can or a toilet, trying to help Violet reach the desired target whenever she got sick.

It has been a challenge to keep Violet hydrated since she doesn't want to drink much. I ran out to the store several times yesterday getting various items in hopes that she'd eat or drink just a little something. Finally, we gave her a Popsicle and she enjoyed the coolness of it that she thankfully ate it.

Understandably, Violet has been very clingy the past few days. She has wanted to snuggle with her Daddy and I and we've enjoyed the closeness. When Violet feels well she is too busy moving around to sit still and cuddle with us for any real amount of time. So, we take these moments however we can get them although we'd prefer it if she didn't feel so badly.

Nothing can make a parent feel more out of control than when their child is ill. You want to make things better for them and know that all you can do is offer comfort. You have to ride the wave until it loses its strength and runs its course.
Last night, Gregg and I went in to care for Violet at the same time when we heard her cry. Our little girl cried for her Daddy, knowing that she would draw strength and comfort from him. As Gregg gathered Violet in his arms I was moved to tears. He is so good with her and my heart swelled with love and gratitude for my beloved. I sat on the floor next to them just trying to be near the two I love most in this world. I stroked Violet's forehead and hair as gently as I could, comforting her the same way my Mother offered it to me as a child. And I prayed for my family as I looked at their two beautiful faces in the soft dappled glow of light from a nearby nightlight. There was no place I would have rather been at that moment than with my little family as it was a moment to be cherished and remembered.

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