Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We had a particularly rough night in our house last night. Gregg woke up sometime around three very sick. And by very, I mean VERY! My heart stopped when I heard Gregg rush to the bathroom because, and I'm serious when I say this, I thought someone had broken into our house. It took me a while to realize that my dear husband was ill. Sorry baby!

As Gregg was getting sick he told me just to take care of our precious girl, that he'd be okay. Violet had woken up startled to the terrible sounds that her Daddy was making and was just as worried as I was about him. I ran first to my husband, then to our daughter, and back and forth this went for a little while. Once Gregg had assured me that he would indeed be okay I went to work trying to get Violet back to sleep. Thankfully, even though she was wide awake at the time, Violet went back to sleep fairly easily.

Gregg is still feeling the effects of last night but is thankfully on the mend. He stayed home from work today and rested, something he was in much need of. Meanwhile, I took Violet to daycare and dropped her off so that I could go to the doctor's appointment that I was being fitted in to. I got lost twice as I drove there. This is my first appointment with my doctor since we've moved and I missed two exits while trying to find my way to his office. Even though I was temporarily lost I managed to get to my doctor's office almost on time, I was five minutes late, not bad considering how turned around I was.

After my doctor checked me out he told me what I did not want to hear. Surgery. My endomitriosis is back with a vengeance and I also have a few smallish sized cysts on my ovaries. I am scheduled for surgery next Tuesday at 10am. I have had this surgery before, twice, but that was before we had Violet. I am concerned about how we will manage my surgery and recovery along with Violet and her care. The past few weeks have been difficult enough for Violet and this surgery is bound to complicate matters even more. But we really have no other option. I can not go on living in this pain and not being the mother to my little girl that I desire to be due to it. Something has to be done and that's what the surgery is obviously for.

I believe everything will work out fine. I have an incredible doctor, one of the top doctors in his field. But more important, I have God. He is the divine healer and I know that He will take care of me.


jenni said...

Amen! And you are covered in prayer.

jenni said...

And Gregg, of course.

Kimberly said...

Thanks Jenni. We appreciate those prayers.