Tuesday, March 11, 2008


MiMi P. called tonight and as she and I were talking Violet loudly proclaimed she wanted to talk to her MiMi. My Mom was SO happy to hear that her "favorite" granddaughter (meaning her only granddaughter) wanted to talk to her! That made her day.

Here is a brief overview of their conversation...

MiMi ~ Hey Violet!
Violet ~ Hi MiMi!
MiMi ~ How are you doing sweetie?
Violet ~ I'm good.
MiMi ~ Are you being a good girl?
Violet ~ Yeah.
MiMi ~ How's school?
Violet ~ It's good.
MiMi ~ Good! Are you learning anything new there?
Violet ~ No.
MiMi ~ Do you like your teachers?
Violet ~ Yeah. Ok, I'm done now!
MiMi ~ Okay, I love you sweetie.
Violet ~ I love you too MiMi.

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