Friday, April 11, 2008

The Never Ending Day

What a day! It feels like Violet and I have spent the whole day in our car yesterday. We did the drive to the Clear Lake area of Houston, an hours drive from here, for a visit to the pediatrician. Violet does have an eye infection but thankfully it's not pink eye or a stye. After spending an hour in the lobby the doctor finally saw us and spent all of ten minutes with us before sending us home with a prescription for antibiotic eye drops. So much effort (and money spent on gas) for such a short amount of time. But, I'm glad we went. I was told that Violet should be much better in a day or two after using the eye drops.

I had hoped that Violet was getting better as her eyes didn't have as much gunk in them Thursday night. My hopes were dashed as soon as we woke up Friday morning. She could barely open her right eye due to all the dried, caked on gunk and her left eye wasn't faring much better. Luckily for us, Violet has been very agreeable in that she lets us clean her eyes with a soft, damp cloth. More surprisingly, she actually was very cooperative when it came time to putting drops in her eyes! There was no complaining or finagling to be done, she just sat down and let me put a single drop in each eye.

Gregg and I were amazed when we woke up to find that Violet's eyes had greatly improved. We thought it would take at least two days before we saw any kind of improvement. That's the miracle of modern medicine. So, I would say it was completely worth all the effort it took to get Violet to her regular pediatrician. Besides, pediatricians are alot like gynecologists, they're hard to find and, if you're fortunate enough to find a good one, you will do everything you can to keep them!

On our way home we stopped by the day care center where Violet has been spending her days the past few months. I needed to drop off a final check and some clothes that were mistakenly put in our diaper bag. When we walked in, the whole staff gushed over our little girl. They seemed to genuinely miss Violet yesterday and there are no words to describe how happy that makes me. Violet received excellent care at the day care and I will forever be indebted to the women who took care of her.

WARNING: PROUD MOMMY MOMENT! One of the "teachers" told Gregg and I that Violet was her favorite of all the kids there. She told us that Violet has the most loving personality and always has a smile on her face and that she looked forward to seeing Violet when she came to work. My heart beamed with pride as I listened to all the praise Violet received. Every parent thinks that their child is special and should be viewed that way by others. Gregg and I were fortunate to catch a glimpse of how others viewed Violet and discover that they thought the world of her too. Violet received several hugs and some pop-pops (lollipops) and a few other special parting gifts from the staff at the day care. As delighted as I am to finally have my child back at home with me, I am a little saddened for Violet once she realizes she won't be returning to day care. We plan on her going back occasionally but not on a regular basis. I know Violet is going to miss her friends and her teachers and my heart breaks for her on that. But, it sure is wonderful having my baby back home!

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