Thursday, April 10, 2008


It is looking like Violet and I will be making an hour's drive on Friday for a special doctor's visit. Her right eye hasn't improved and the infection has moved into her left eye. Violet hasn't complained about her eye bothering her but she has plenty of complaints when Gregg and I try to clean it. It's not the easiest task to do but we manage to wipe the gunk from her eyes periodically. I can only imagine how difficult it's going to be to actually put eye drops in her eyes (as I'm anticipating a prescription of eye drops). Oh joy!

We seriously need a pediatrician in our area. We've had several recommendations but so far every single doctor is not on our list of accepted providers (insurance!). I remember searching for a pediatrician for Violet before she was born. My Mother thought I was insane for wanting to "interview" the ones who were on my list of possible doctors. I had to convince my Mother that this is the new thing, getting to know the doctor who'll be taking care of your child before they are actually born. She finally came around to seeing the logic in that.

I was on bed rest during the last few months of my pregnancy and so I had to do my interviews over the phone. That process alone eliminated a few doctors from the list because they wouldn't take the time to talk on the phone with me. Our first actual meeting with Violet's pediatrician, Dr. Reynolds, was the week after she was born. Any reservations I had with our choice was immediately thrown out the window when I watched him with our little girl. And now, we're back to square one, looking for another pediatrician whom we can trust with our most precious gift in life, our Violet. I'm sure there's a good doctor in our area, I just have to find him (or her).

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