Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I had an early morning appointment with a new doctor, new to me anyways, and I liked him. He was very thorough in his assessment and even gave me free samples! God bless the doctor who gives samples to his patients. Seriously. To top it all off, I really liked my new doctor's staff. You can tell alot about a doctor by the staff they hire and I cannot adequately describe how sweet his staff was to me. I walked away feeling secure in the care I received this morning and that was exactly what I've been needing these past few weeks.

I decided after my appointment to check out a few local shops in our area, ones I've been wanting to check out since we've moved here. My first stop was to a children's resale shop. I was hoping to find some new tennis shoes for Violet since she blew a hole in hers the other day. There weren't any tennis shoes there but they did have some cute things, enough to draw me back again someday.

My next stop was to the most wonderful little bookstore called The Bookworm Shop, Inc. There were all kinds of hidden treasure in this little shop and I enjoyed my time there immensely. Also, again another place with the sweetest staff. I feel as if I walked away with new friends when I left the shop.

The best thing about The Bookworm Shop is that they not only sell new books but they also sell used ones. And, they will trade with you. Once you're done with a book, and as long as it's in good condition, The Bookworm Shop will give you store credit for your used books. I was in heaven! And what do you think I did when I left this little treasure store? You got it, I immediately went home and began bagging books that I no longer wished to keep. I was surprised with the stack of books that I put together rather quickly. I tend to only get attached to books that are classic in nature and none of the books in my stack qualified as that except for Hinds Feet In High Places, but since we have three copies I figured I could spare one.

I took my nice sized pile of books back to the store and cashed them in for some good ole' store credit. I perused the store some more and came across the most adorable children's book and snatched it immediately. Time For Bed, by Mem Fox, has quickly become a "must have" book for all households with little ones in them. The illustrations are beautifully done, by the talented Jane Dyer, and perfectly sets the mood for putting your child to bed with.

I left Violet's newest book in the car for her to discover when I picked her up from daycare. Just as I thought would happen, Violet was delighted with her newest book. She sat in her car seat on the drive home happily engrossed in the tranquil scenes and asking, "Mommy, Daddy, will you read this to me?" Violet's enthusiasm for her new book was worth more than the books I traded in. Having your child eager to read, now that's priceless.


jenni said...

I'm glad you have a nice, new doctor! I didn't know about The Bookworm Shop. You know I'll go there ASAP.

Kimberly said...

I'm glad to have turned you to something new in the area. I hope you like The Bookworm Shop. It's crowded but cozy. Very easy to lose yourself in there!