Saturday, May 10, 2008

MiMi and Pops

We had a wonderful visit with Violet's MiMi and Pops W., Gregg's parents, last weekend. They arrived last Friday afternoon and spent the weekend with us. Garry and Paula filled in for Gregg and I so we could rest and get over our illnesses and spent alot of one on one time with Violet, they were a tremendous help.

Garry, Paul and I went and picked up Violet from daycare when they arrived. We were a little surprised that she hid behind my legs at first, definitely not the reception we were expecting. It didn't take long though for Violet to come out of her shell and start chattering up a storm. Violet was very proud of her bedroom and immediately began showing it and all it contains off to her grandparents. The butterflies are hanging from the ceiling in Violet's room.

Saturday, Garry and Paula took Violet to Houston's Children's Museum and allowed Gregg and I to rest and catch up on some much needed sleep (thank you so much for that gift!). The original plan was to go to the Zoo but, as is the norm on a weekend, things were crazy there and after realizing there was no parking to be found they went to plan B. We were assured that Violet was on her best behavior and that they had a great time. (Pictures are to come sometime soon.) Everyone came home exhausted and Violet was promptly given a bath and put to bed.

Sunday was a leisurely day. Once we all woke up and finally got dressed we went out to eat for a late lunch. We decided to go to The Rainforest Cafe so that Violet would be entertained and we could actually eat a meal. This was a first for all of us and the environment was spectacular! We were seated by a giant mechanical elephant that actually moves it's head and trunk and even trumpets. Needless to say, Violet was in awe of everything. Heck, the adults were in awe of everything!

We had a fun weekend and only regret that it was too short. Garry and Paula have plans to come down for Violet's fourth birthday, I can't believe she's going to be four soon, and spend the week with us. I can only imagine the fun we'll have that week and we're looking forward to it.

And just to prove how much fun Violet had, here's a picture of our little darling the day her grandparents left. She was so exhausted from all the attention and activities that Violet was fast asleep before she even got home on Monday.

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