Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's late at night, or early in the morning depending on how you look at it. My cough has made sleep an impossible thing for me to attain at this moment and so I turn to my computer for companionship. My family is sleeping soundly in their rooms and my mind and body desires the same slumber. I'm sure sleep would come quickly if it weren't for this darned cough. I am weary and worn out right now, not to mention jealous of everyone who is sleeping peacefully.

I just finished my first round of antibiotics and start a second round today. You would think that one round of antibiotics would do the trick and make a person well. But it seems my infection has gotten worse while taking these medications. I keep taking the antibiotic in hopes that things will improve but I am beginning to doubt if I'll ever breathe easy again.

My Mom mentioned that we should consider moving. If only things were that simple. But, Arizona and it's dry climate is looking very appealing to me right now. Sorry Mom, I know you were thinking more along the lines of Arkansas. Right now, I just want to be where the driest climate is. No humidity lingering in the air sounds like heaven to me. Of course, we won't be moving any time soon and it definitely wouldn't be to Arizona if we were to move.

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jenni said...

Hey, since you are taking so many antibiotics, I wanted to ask, are you taking probiotics, too? You should be! Let me know if you need info. or probiotic ideas.