Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Monday was a special day for Gregg and I. We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. It hardly seems possible that we've been married for 13 years, let alone that we dated for 5 years before that. So, add that all up and we've been together for 18 years. Wow!

We had a bit of an early celebration with kolaches from the Kolache Factory. We had the traditional kolache and got Violet a nice cinnamon roll. When Violet woke up to find she had a special treat for breakfast she nearly came undone with the excitement. Her cinnamon roll was neatly packaged in a bag, directly from the bakery. When she saw the bag Violet asked, "What's that? Is it for me?" When we told her that it was, Violet immediately began spouting off her favorite breakfast food treats, asking each time if that's what it was. Each time she was told no, which only stumped her even more. It was alot of fun watching her rack her brain as she tried to figure out what was in the bag.

When she couldn't take it any longer, I asked Violet, "Are you ready for this? Because it's really good." Violet's reply was a hearty, "Yes!" As I pulled out her cinnamon roll you would have thought I was unveiling the secrets of life by the expression on her face. It was a look of awe and wonder when Violet laid eyes on the cinnamon roll, as if the heavens parted and rained puppy dogs and kitty cats! "What is this sweet, buttery, tasty treat my Mommy and Daddy got me? Can it be that this is what heaven is like? Why, I think it is!" That about sums up the expression on Violet's precious face.

Violet was so engrossed in her amazing breakfast treat that she didn't notice Gregg leave the room. When she realized Gregg had walked out of the room Violet turned to me and said, "Mommy, please don't let Daddy eat my roll." I laughed as I assured Violet that her Daddy would not take food from her and that she could enjoy her cinnamon roll without fear of losing it. She seemed grateful for that knowledge and slowed down to savor all the layers of her breakfast. Finally, Violet began to compare her cinnamon roll to the other breakfasts that she remembered and said, "It's kinda like a waffle. With peanut butter on it! Wow, this is good. This is my FAVORITE!" as if her point would be made better with the enthusiasm of that last word. And it was.


jenni said...

I agree w/Violet - cinnamon rolls RULE.

jenni said...

Happy anniversary, by the way!

Kimberly said...

Thanks Jenni. I doesn't seem real that Gregg and I have been married for 13 years! Where does the time go?