Thursday, June 12, 2008


Violet and I have a BIG trip coming up on Saturday. We are flying to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit my parents for the week. Violet has been buzzing about, full of chatter, talking about her MiMi and Grandpa and everything they are going to do together. There has been talk of their van and how we all will "get our very own seat!". I guess for a kid that's the equivalent to being able to sit up front like an adult.

MiMi and Grandpa's cats have been mentioned, especially P.B. and how he is an e-v-i-l cat and that she's to leave him alone. (Sorry Mom, you knew it was coming though.) Violet has even done an impersonation of P.B. "What sound does P.B. make Violet?" her Daddy asked. "Hissss!" Violet answered, and then she said, "he's not a nice kitty and that's why he does that. Pepper never does that, she's a nice kitty. I love Pepper." Do we have the best kid or what?!!

Last night at the dinner table Violet stated that she was going to go to the Zoo with her MiMi and Grandpa. (This was announced to us as if she had already written it down on her calender.) She wants to see the elephants and the giraffes. I love Houston's Zoo but they could learn a few things from the zoo in Little Rock. I love how you get an eye level view of the giraffes there. Giraffes are beautiful creatures but you really get to appreciate their beauty when you are at a higher viewpoint. If we do go to the zoo that is one of my favorite spots to go, the giraffe exhibit.

Finally, Violet has talked non-stop about her grandparent's swing and the birds we'll watch from it. She has been able to name several different species of birds for some time now as well as tell the differences between the males and the females. What can I say? Violet is a smart little cookie. Anyway, she asked if the hummingbirds would be there when we arrive and I told her that I hoped so. "And what about the cardinals? Will they be there?" I told Violet that we would bring her little binoculars and she could see the birds, whichever ones decide to make an appearance, up close. "You mean I can touch 'em?" To which that led to a whole different conversation.

I hope my parents are prepared for the bundle of energy that is about to come into their house. I would love to be able to bottle some of Violet's energy and take it for myself. Heck, I could make millions off the stuff! All it would take is a tiny little ounce and people would be bouncing off the walls. And once the high wore off they'd be asking for more. "Essence of Kid" in a bottle, imagine the money that would make!

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