Saturday, July 19, 2008

Conversation In The Car...

I had a doctor's appointment today for some physical therapy on my back. I pulled a muscle or something and it's been really bothering me. So, while I was at the doctor's office, Violet was in daycare playing contentedly with her pals there. I picked up Violet after my appointment and then we went to go pick up Gregg. (I can't wait till next summer when we'll be able to get a second car!)

Violet and I had an interesting conversation in the car.

Me: So, Violet, how was your day? Mrs. Mona said you were a very good girl.

Violet: Uh huh. Are we going to go get Daddy?

Me: Yes Sweetheart.

Violet: Why?

Me: Because, Daddy would miss us if we didn't.

Violet: And because Daddy loves us, right?

Me: Yes Sweetheart.

Violet: (a string of words that I couldn't make out)

Me: What was that Baby Girl? I didn't understand you.

Violet: (sigh) Never mind.

I guess Violet's preparing early for her teenage years in regards to her exasperation in putting up with her parents.

[The photo above was taken by my Mom while we were visiting my parents last month. Violet was so excited to be wearing her new outfit that she was flailing her arms about, hence the blurred hands.]

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