Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dragons At The Mall

Violet looks adorable with that major pout huh? (see this Wednesday's post) Well, I wanted to let you know she was quite the actress that day. Violet hadn't gotten her way on something (I don't remember what now) and sat in the back seat waiting for a response from us. She didn't anticipate me whipping out the camera, although she should expect that by now, and started putting on a great show. She cheered up shortly after I took that photo, when we arrived at the Mall with the Dragon's House (an indoor playground at one of our local malls).
See that beautiful, albeit fake, smile? Violet stopped her running around for just a second for me to take that shot. I'll post more photos of the playground soon. Until then, here's one more photo (it's not the best quality due to the flash) of Violet making her new funny face.


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Glenna ~ Thanks! We're kinda fond of her. ;~)