Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dreaming of Fall

[photo courtesy of Katy of Sycamore Stirrings]

I love finding new sites/blogs that encourages creativity. I'm not a baker. I can cook just fine thank you but please don't ask me to bake! Check out this wonderful blog that has me actually considering baking a little homemade pie! Too cute!

I'm already longing for cooler temperatures to visit us here in the Houston area. I love Fall and Winter weather. Watching pumpkins make appearances on front porches and table settings makes my heart sigh. There is something about those wonderful gourds that warms me to the core and stirs excitement deep within me.

Maybe it's all of the festivities of the seasons that are behind this, I don't really know, but I enjoy it thoroughly. I think some it has to do with the fact that we get to wear sweaters, sometimes, during this time of the year. I gladly move my much loved cardigan sweater out of it's drawer and put it nearby. I smile as I slide my arms in it's comfy fabric and breathe in the wonderful scent of our fabric softener mingled with the scents of Fall. I feel like I get a gentle hug each time I put on my beloved cardigan.

With thoughts of Fall come thoughts of fabulous meals shared with family and friends. And, of course, when you share a meal with those whom you love you think about dessert. I want to make batches of those adorable pies-in-a-jar and keep them ready for impromptu visits from loved ones. I think they would even make adorable little gifts for Christmas. Put them in a sweet little basket with some cute napkins, mabe add a sweet candle, and you've got an adorable, one-of-a-kind gift.

Oh Fall, please don't delay. Please join us soon.


Christine said...

I agree! Thanks for commenting on my blog, Kimberly. And Violet is my favorite girl name right now. I hope to use it one day myself!

Kimberly said...

Christine ~ I'm glad you love the name. We chose it as a way to honor my Great Grandmother whom I was very close with. She passed away nearly 10 years ago. Violet is actually our daughter's middle name ~ we only use it for the blog so that she has some sense of privacy and for safety reasons.

I hope that God answers your prayers and blesses you two with a precious little one to love and care for very soon. Motherhood is quite a ride.

Thanks for checking out the blog! I get excited when someone leaves comments! :~)

Jen said...

That looks yummy!!!! I am not much of a baker either, but made peach cobbler last weekend. We had an overabundance of peaches. It was SO good. We probably will not see fall for several months here in TN.

jenni said...

Yes, please, fall - show up!

Kimberly said...

Jen ~
Ahh, fall in Tenn. What a gorgeous time of year there! I had the blessing of seeing the fall foliage one year and the colors were breathtaking!!! You are soooo lucky to live there.