Monday, August 11, 2008

Ten Things

[photo is of MiMi & Pops W. with Violet]

that I'm loving right now are...

1. Being around family. It's hard when your family doesn't live close by and so you relish the time you have to with them.
2. Violet's great big brown eyes. I can get lost in them.
3. The sun. The past few days have been spent lounging at the pool. My family has nice suntans despite using 50 SPF.
4. The chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting that we just finished off from Violet's birthday.
5. Our friends. We had a few friends, new and old, who helped us celebrate Violet's fourth birthday. Even though we told everyone we didn't want gifts, that we just wanted their company, they all brought Violet a little something. We are blessed with some good friends.
6. Barbecue Sandwiches. For a simple (and cheap) meal, I cooked shredded barbecue sandwich meat on Friday. We have leftovers and that's what we'll be enjoying for dinner tonight.
7. The Olympics. The last summer Olympics were taking place when Violet was born. It seems fitting that we're watching them again this year during her birthday celebration. Violet doesn't understand what's happening right now in regards to the Olympics but I think someday she'll be excited about this.
8. Everything Tinker Bell. I've mentioned before, several times actually, how much Violet loves Tinker Bell right now. Well, she has become a favorite of mine as well. Violet was given two adorable Tinker Bell shirts for her birthday. (One even lights up!) I'm totally jealous!
9. Oranges. I bought a bag full of oranges and they are very tasty.
10. Peroxide. I know what you're thinking. "Peroxide?!!! You gotta be kidding me!" Okay, just hear me out here. I have been frustrated with how dark my hair has been getting. It's almost black now. Well, I got an idea to put a peroxide/water combo in a spritzer bottle and spritzed my hair with it before going to the pool the past few days. My hair is a lighter shade of brown now and I'm loving it! "Why not just go out and buy some hair color?" Well, for a few reasons... I don't want to start using hair color just yet. The day will come soon enough when I'll be buying a little box of color to cover up the grays that are sure to come anytime now. Also, peroxide is MUCH cheaper!

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