Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breakfast This Morning

[photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman]

While contemplating what I would have for breakfast this morning I remembered reading this post on The Pioneer Woman blog. I decided to give it a try and I must say that I am SO glad I did! I made mine with a bit firmer egg but you get the idea of what my breakfast was like. I'm already looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. Wanna guess what I'm going to have?


Kim said...

I grew up on "egg in the hole". My kids love it. It's yummy!

Jen said...

I love The Pioneer Woman. I need to try that recipe.

Kimberly said...

Kim ~ I've never heard of this delicious meal until recently. I'm a huge fan of it ever since I tried it yesterday! My family hasn't tried it yet but will this weekend. :~)

Jen ~ I found The Pioneer Woman after looking at your blog. Thanks for the link because it's a favorite of mine now! :~)