Thursday, September 25, 2008


I hate yearly check-ups. I took Violet in for her 4th. year check-up and it was the hardest one yet. First, we had to have some blood drawn for some tests (that's a whole different story that I'll fill you in on soon but it's not anything serious). Then, two shots in each leg plus an added one due to the needle slipping making the total of needle pricks 6! I don't know who these check-ups are hardest on, your child or you. Your child gets the physical pain of the shots but it hurts you emotionally to watch them go through that, even though it's for their own good.

Violet did very well with the blood draw. She didn't cry until right at the end.

Her left leg looks very similar to her right with the exception that there are three band aids on it instead of two. I'm not happy about that! You can already see a bruise starting to form at one of the injection sites (right next to the Tasmanian Devil band aid).

Look at that precious face! I wish there were some way to absorb the pain for her.

Violet received a free Junior Frosty coupon from Wendy's to get a treat with afterwards. She cried as we left the doctor's office until we pulled into the drive thru at Wendy's. That little cup of soft-serve was exactly what she (and I) needed to calm her down.

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