Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween: Part 1

Okay, maybe it's overkill but Violet has two outfits that she's wearing this year for Halloween. Why? Because her daycare is allowing the kiddos to dress up and I didn't want Violet's "real" costume to get destroyed. I also didn't want her to feel left out if she was the only one who wasn't wearing a costume. We had some bunny ears and a tail from Easter that I put on Violet this morning. So, here is Costume 1 for Halloween 2008...

It's not much but it's pretty good when you consider that it was thrown together at the last minute. (We hadn't decided whether Violet would go today until this morning.) I mentioned yesterday how excited Violet is about Halloween this year. Her enthusiasm this morning was incredible. As I was preparing her lunch, Violet brought out her pumpkin pail and asked if she could take it to school (daycare) with her. I figured it couldn't hurt and so I put her lunch in her pumpkin pail and she was pleased as punch!

Check back tomorrow for Halloween: Part 2

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