Friday, February 20, 2009

There's A Moral To This Story

This post has nothing to do with our lovely daughter or about being a mother. This is a random rant.

I was looking through our phone bill last night and saw that we were being charged a monthly fee of $14.97 for services that I knew nothing about. There was a phone number next to the added charges and so I called to inquire about them. Turns out, it was a separate company from the one we've signed up with. Why they were on the same bill I don't know but it was there. We were being charged for voice mail (something we were already signed up for with our original phone company) and a 1-800 number that we weren't aware of and didn't need.

I spoke with our original phone company and put in a request to contest this additional charge. My next phone call was to the second company. After being hung up on twice, and then going through another person, I was finally able to speak to someone who was in management. Things got heated on both ends of the phone conversation but I finally ended up getting this "service" cancelled and should be getting reimbursed for the previous months we were charged.

Moral of the story folks ~ always look over your bills closely. You might be surprised with what shows up. I never signed up for this additional service on our phone bill and yet they said I did. Because I didn't respond to an email they sent (one that I either didn't get or went directly to my spam folder, I don't know) they were able to tack this on to our phone bill. I never thought that something like this would happen to us and I'm so thankful to finally discovering it.

I feel like a bit of a ditz for not noticing this sooner, and I'm embarrassed at admitting this to all of you, but if my mistakes will help keep you from making them in the future then I'm okay with that.

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