Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Finally Here

We had to delay picking up our brand spankin new tv for a few days due to some health issues and because we were just plain t-i-r-e-d. Gregg drove to Sears last Thursday and picked it up while I bathed Violet and put her to bed. By the time I had the kiddo asleep, Gregg had returned from the store and set the new set up! Man, he's fast.

We've not watched ER for a few years now but for some reason that's what we "christened" our new tv with. And boy, what an show that episode was! Nurse Hathaway, Dr. Ross, Dr. Carter, and Dr. Benton all in the same episode... WOW! All characters who made the show. They even had Susan Sarrandon in that episode and her role was simply gut-wrenching.

My mom thinks he's hot. She's not the only one.

Man that woman can act!

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