Monday, March 16, 2009

Top of The Sweetest Chart

One of the sweetest things in this world is listening to a child sing. Seriously, listening to a child sing can melt my heart faster than a hot summer sun can melt butter. I think it has to rank up there with angels singing.

Violet has recently learned the song "This Old Man" and has been singing it all day. Her verses are a bit off but she makes them work. We never know what she'll tack on the song but whatever it is it's always fun listening to her.


Jen said...

How sweet. You need to make sure you get it on video. I love the little itty bitty voices too, especially when they are making up their own words.

Kimberly said...

Eventually I'll catch her singing without her noticing the camera. Right now she either quits singing or she'll run up to me and say, "Let me see!". In either case, the moment is always lost :(