Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Sunday

It has been raining non-stop for two days here. I love the sound of the rain and thunder but Violet is starting to climb the walls due to being stuck indoors. She enjoys a good thunderstorm just like her Momma does but can't tolerate it as long as I can.

The rain this weekend is a stark contrast to our Easter weekend. While the morning started off a little iffy (actually stormy), the afternoon was incredibly bright and sunny. We've been looking for a church to call home for a while now and so we visited a new place last weekend, a place where several friends attend. It was very overcast that morning and the skies finally opened up mid-service. The egg hunt was forced indoors but the kids didn't notice one bit. We enjoyed watching Violet play with the other kids, all totally unaware that eggs were being hidden in an adjoining room.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter with friends and are looking forward to another visit.

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