Sunday, April 19, 2009

Best Shot Monday

It sucks when you live such a long ways from family that you can't just "find yourselves in the neighborhood" for a visit. Our visits to family take a minimum of eight hour drives or plane rides. Thankfully, we let our fingers do the walking on the dial pad of our phone and are in constant contact that way. Violet gets to talk to her grandparents at least once a week, sometimes more. And I LOVE that just getting to talk with her grandparents, and extended family, brings that beautiful smile to her face. It doesn't take away all of the sting of not living closer to family but it sure does help. Violet loves her family and she knows how much they love her. We're blessed with a wonderful family who adores their first grandchild and great-grandchild. We may not see each other as often as we like but we make it work with the help of our phone, this blog, and tons and tons of photos.

Violet loves you Mimi D. & Grandpa, Mimi P. & Pops, Papa, G-Paw & G.G., Aunt DeeDee & Uncle Deron and little cousin C (Violet's been praying you feel better soon sweetie and has some art work she wants to mail to you). Great-Great Uncle Ed. Great-Uncle Mark. Great-Aunt Jenn & Great-Uncle Shane and cousins M & M. Great-Aunts Kathy & Debbie. And cousins M, B, R, B, T, T, & T. You all know who you are! Violet loves you and talks about you all the time.

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Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I know what you're saying about living far away from family. We recently made a major move where by airplane is the only way we could see my parents the same day for a visit. They miss their grandchildren desperately so we are able to communicate through my blogging, telephone calls, pictures, and may look into Skype for that visual, live action connection.