Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally, Blooms!

My dearest and best friend from college is out of the country for a while and she entrusted me to take care of her babies, her African Violets, for her. My friend knows how much I love African Violets and that I would do everything in my power to love and nourish them. I'm sad to say that out of the three she gave me, only one survived our move. I've been working with the remaining violet, talking to it softly, watering it regularly with the appropriate water and nourishment, but for over two years it has refused to bloom. Imagine my surprise when I noticed several little buds hidden behind the leathery leaves. I have been so excited to see these little buds and have waited patiently for them to bloom. Finally, my patience was rewarded. Blooms! Sweet, beautiful, little pink blooms! Not just one but three blooms and four more buds that are waiting to reveal their beauty.

Shortly after I married my wonderful hubby, nearly 14 years ago (May), my friend gave me my own violet to love and care for as a housewarming gift. She understood the history behind my love for violets. She understood that my Great Grandmother Viola loved violets and had them all over her home and that each time I would see a violet it would remind me of one of the greatest women I have had the pleasure to know. My life has not been without an African violet from that moment on.

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant we knew immediately that if we had a girl that her middle name would be Violet. We combined my Great Grandmother's name, Viola, with Gregg's Grandmother's name, Willetta. The end result was Violet. Our Violet (the child) is named after two great women and a flower that my Great Grandmother always had throughout her home. I can't think of a better way to honor two wonderful women.

I love our daughter's name. Her first name means Nobility and her middle name means Humility. Noble Humility just sounds incredible to me. And when we put our daughter's first and middle names together it flows from the lips easily and reminds me of music. I must confess to you all, I love our daughter's name so much that I frequently say her full name when I want her attention. I say it for so many occasions, NOT just when I'm angry. I love our daughter's name, especially with all the history and meanings behind it. Hopefully, someday our precious daughter will appreciate and love her name as much as her parents do.

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