Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rain, Wind, and Hail

I wrote this post in the middle of the night last night while listening to an incredible storm. Sorry for the delayed post but I wanted you to know what we were going through last night. We lost power/internet/cable before I could post this. By the time everything was restored my brain was fried and I had finally crashed.

If you see a giant boat floating downstream it's a good possibility that it'll have me and my little family in it. The Houston area has been getting slammed with rain the past few weeks and I think we may be seeing the worst of it right now. The skies have opened up and the floodgates have kept them open! Several areas have flooded and we know a few families who are seriously praying that the water doesn't rise any higher (as we are praying for them). We're fortunate in that we're on high ground and that we have a huge drainage system (think canyon sized folks) just down the street. Still, I'm beginning to wonder if it has met it's limits. Only time will tell.

It's 4 AM and we have severe rain, wind, and a batch of small pea-sized hail just hit. Violet woke up frightened because of the rain and hail hitting her window. I'm already awake, obviously, and am able to bring Violet into the living room with me and thankfully she falls back to sleep on the couch. I'm not exaggerating when I say this, I seriously believe we're getting more rain dumped on us than we got during hurricane Ike!

In the meantime I ask that you keep us, and by that I mean Houstonians and those in the surrounding areas, in your prayers. This is the strangest weather we're having down here. We know four families who have either had flooding in their homes or their cars have been flooded just from being parked in front of their homes. I think we're now hitting the twelve hour mark with this patch of storms and, if the lightening and thunder are any indication, it doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon.

Note: The rain lasted until after 5 AM, well over twelve hours when it first started. Gregg couldn't get to his office this morning due to massive street flooding and found the parking garage under his building is filled with water once he got there. We're anticipating more storms later this evening/afternoon and are keeping a close eye on radar.


Glenna said...

I love thunderstorms but not when their torrential like that! We have a big bugger coming toward us out of Kansas and Oklahoma but the good news for us is that it's a relatively narrow band. You guys got hammered!

Kimberly said...

Rain is one of my favorite things, but in moderation. I'll be keeping you all in my prayers. Sounds kind of scary!