Friday, October 23, 2009

Back In The Day

Back in the days when I was in High School I was a majorette. Some of my most memorable moments from those days were of being on the line. I loved to twirl. I was twirling even when I didn't have to. Always trying new tricks or working on perfecting my kicks and points.

I'm the one on the far right back row with the short bob haircut. I was sixteen when this photo was taken and had the whole world ahead of me.

I grew up in a small town in Northeast Texas. Also known as Football Country. The whole town would shut down each Friday night for the football games. The only exceptions were the local Dairy Queen and the gas station. While every boy dreamt of playing on the team every little girl had visions of being either a cheerleader or a majorette. My dream was to be a majorette.

My Dad was a pastor and had been hired by a little church out in the middle of nowhere. The only problem was, it was out of my school's district. I moved an hour away from the school I had gone to for all my educational years. Somehow, my parents managed to keep me in the same school district and I didn't have to give up my spot on the majorette line. I never knew how they worked that out for me but I was very grateful. I had worked too hard to get on that majorette line and was not about to give it up for anything!

So, thank you Mom and Dad! You helped me to accomplish my dreams and to see them come to reality. Thank you for all you've sacrificed and given to me. I may not have been grateful at the time, for we all know that a teenager's life revolves around themselves and can be totally clueless at times. But I realize everything you did for me then, and now, and I cannot thank you enough. I love you and am beyond blessed to be your daughter. God knew what He was doing when He put us together as a family and I thank Him daily for making that decision.

Oh, and one last thing! GO L-K TIGERS!!!


Kimberly said...

You are so sweet to be looking back and thanking your parents. They obviously did a wonderful job raising you.

And how cute were you in your uniform? :-)

the Provident Woman said...

How fun! My daughter told me the other day when we were at a parade that she wants to do that.

retiredw/3cats said...

It wasn't hard, they wanted you at L-K as bad as you wanted to be there. It is far harder for your Mom and I to watch what Washington is doing to your daughter's future. I urge all who read this to contact their representatives and stop this reckless spending.
God bless.

Jen said...

I love taking a stroll down memory lane. Thanks for sharing with us.